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The snowmen worked!! January 22, 2008

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My mom-n-law collects snowmen.  Any size, shape, texture, etc.  They come out at Christmas, and they go home to the attic around March or if she gets fed up because they didn’t bring any snow.  Well mom-n-law, I’m happy to report we were almost snowed in!  I give my thanks to the snowmen collection.  Here’s a picture of my boy JACKSON and his snow-filled romp in the yard.  Enjoy.


“Let freedom ring…” January 19, 2008

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This morning I was sitting in homeroom when the announcements were played.  We stood for the pledge, stood for a moment of “quiet reflection,” sat and listened to the meetings of the day, listened to students who won the character awards.  And then.  We watched a video, similar to the one that I’ve posted…a tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr. 

My eyes welled up with tears as I listened, I think for the first time as an adult, to the “I have a dream” speech.  Words with so much power.  Words that matter.  Words that mattered!  

Through my tears I saw all the color in my classroom.  Black kids, white kids, purple haired kids.  Sitting together, laughing together, watching this tribute together.  Words that matter.  This is why we’re teaching English.  This is what my students will understand when they leave my classroom.  Our words can make a difference.  Isn’t that the point?


Another day… January 18, 2008

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Another dollar?  Unfortunately, no.  I’m dollarless. 

Today SHOULD have been a snow day.  I know it, my students know it, the snow that still sits in my gutters knows it.  But alas, we went to school.  We sat in our desks!  We conquered our books!  We united!  Whew, I think the primaries are getting to me.

And so, as a reward, here are my friends Adam Sandler and the late, great Chris Farley.  Enjoy what I lovingly refer to as: “Ode to the Lunch Lady.”


My First Survey January 15, 2008

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Hello Friends!  I recently created a survey for my new uber-cool technology class.  It’s all about the free time that I had BEFORE beginning this program.  I mean really, who decides to devote their life to a Master’s degree?  Well, me.  And about eleven other people.  So good luck to us!  Enjoy this SURVEY